“Fatwa of Allah”


Why  we must avenge Allah; 

 a clean page for Islam?

 His” Fatwa of Rebirth” revealed

to an obscure American infidel,


who is declared His Only Chosen Voice,

wisely superseding all others.


Muhammad dethroned. Handwriting on a wall:


It is revealed that Allah will not continence


the current usurpers


and defilers of His Name;

pretenders who stand in


His Light while uttering only Darkness,

and requires the extirpation of all


that shames Him, namely those

who call themselves”Muslims”


the world over, and their works,

so that no trace remains.


They are to be hunted to extinction,

 and the blasphemy of the Qur’an


expunged from the memory of man,

for it is authored by mortals who


brazenly affix His Name to it

without His Permission.


He demands a Rebirth

through just and thoughtful men,

and not the dogs of war.


No nation is to be spared His Cleansing,

 and it is to include the innocents as well, 

so men will tremble at His Wrath, forevermore.

 It is the Will of Allah that non-Muslims are His Instrument,

 for He would sweep the offal from the floors of His Tent, at last.

 He has closed the Gates of Heaven to all Pretenders living today,

 so no refuge awaits there. He has demurred to this late day so His

 Illegitimate Children might find their way, but. alas,

 they have chosen the bloody path leading to their doom.

 Now they must answer to His Law, of which the Pretenders

have no inkling.


More’s the pity. Let Allah’s Will be done.

There shall be no dispensation. Amen.


Heaven is barren these eons, for none

has been found worthy,


so seek not the past, within.


Why He would choose this humble and

fragile shell as Messenger,


is beyond its ken, but it must submit.

Lies have sustained the Pretenders,


and now His Truth shall purge the offense.

All that have come before This One


are henceforth to be known as Pretenders,

and cast into the Pit of OBlivion.


He is not to be defiled with Your Lies,

for He is My Only Voice,


and you heed it not at your peril.

You perish by the Authority you  cannot usurp.


So let it be done. Your blood is My Seal.


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