by Bobtegner  (vigorously whiny Bob– or izzat “bitchy?”)
Pursuant to my last whine about the search methods
the Google engine uses, I think I have found the way
 to perfectly illustrate what I meant when I said;
“Input to Google and it will return anything with
those same letters in it as a search result;
in any order, based on their advertisement sales.”
Actually, since their search results are made up
of real words, they are “legitimate” enough,
though a bit of a painintheass when I do a search
on CAT and get ACT and TAC, too, which is why
the top of the first page contains the results with
any relevancy to your search, and things get thinner,
and go awry from there.
The link below leads to “Words-in-Words” which will 
find all the possible words that can be made from the
word or phrase you submit:  (Really cool.)
Go there and pretend it’s Google,
and do a search on anything at all.
About 200 words will come back!  Have fun reading those,
or looking up all the words you’ve never seen before.
The first time I did this, I said to myself “Those can’t
all be real words,” so I looked a few of them up and
found, “Indeed, they certainly are all for real.” 
I guess I have more to learn about English than I thought!
“Words in Words” is a terrific way to discover words
you never imagined existed.
Have a cybernetic day,  Bobtegner
I’ve tried to be clever from time to time by using
every operand listed in Google’s  own tutorials,
but to no avail, so don’t bother getting uppity.
 Google’s evilocity is  a brilliant sales strategy,
even if it is a pain for everybody else!
(Just don’t read past the first page or two
of those leventy-zillion SPAMs cleverly
disguised as actual search results.) 

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