“Windowful Bob”


This site was made for free  at wordpress, (ABOUT)

and entirely on line with their software.

“A Windowful World”  is now hosted free,  
 and everything on it is free, too;  join wordpress, now!

It’s been a long haul,

but I finally found a true Virtual Machine!

Click screenshot for “”

See what  magic only a fine VM can produce!

(Only $112 per year, domain included.)

DIZZLER is the all-media player that rocks– click below!
(Hit “NEXT” to play random tune, or search for favorites, instead. 
Proud to be chosen for the “We Love WordPress” Gallery in 2010:
Go there to see what can be done at WP,
 or submit a site for consideration.
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Bob’s PHP

2 Responses to “ALL PAGES:”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    wow, welcome to frontpage 1998

  2. Close, but actually it’s DOS 2.0 with a GUI interface,
    because wordpress insists on it, unless you pay up!

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